How to Export Your Messages

Sometimes it is nice to download an archive of your family’s messages that have collected on your Family Says site. For example, you may want to export your messages so you can backup your information to your computer or to turn your blog messages into a book.

You have two options to export your messages: one message at a time or a month at a time.

How to Export a Single Message

Visit a message page and look for the three icons under the message title:


Print print icon

Click the printer icon and you’ll see a printer friendly version of your message. It will include all your pictures and comments.

Word word icon

Click the Word icon and download your message in Microsoft Word format (.doc). You can then easily make any changes to the file and save it for later.

PDF pdf icon

Click the PDF icon and download your message as a PDF document (.pdf).

How to Export a Month of Messages

To export a month’s worth of messages, visit the “Archive” tab at the top of your site.

Click a month from the list that appears.

On the individual month’s archive page, you’ll see all the messages from that month.

At the bottom of the page, click the “Download all these messages to a PDF file”:

month export

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