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MyFamily.com Is Closing – Here’s the Alternative

June 10th, 2014 by Joe

We heard this week that MyFamily.com is closing their service in September 2014.

This is a disappointing message for the thousands of families that have used this service for many years.

Myfamily.com Closing

Here’s the official wording from MyFamily.com’s recent email to subscribers:

Starting on September 5, 2014, MyFamily.com will no longer be available.

We understand the value this service has provided to keep your family connected during your time as a subscriber. To keep the family memories you’ve gathered on MyFamily.com, please log in to your MyFamily group site and request an export by clicking on the “Export Now” button located at the top of the page.

There are other services that may provide one or more of the features that MyFamily.com offered…

MyFamily.com Alternative

Fortunately for you FamilySays.com is one of those alternative services to MyFamily.com.

FamilySays.com has been serving families like you since 2006 and we know the importance of continually offering a cherished service to families around the world.

Here you can create your own private family website and share your news, stories, and information in complete privacy.

See what FamilySays.com can do for your family and sign up for a free trial today.

How to Add a Quick Thought

December 5th, 2009 by Joe

Sometimes you want to share something with your family but don’t want to write a big message to do it. This could be something that happened with your family today, with your kids, or just an idea that was on your mind.

You can add a “Quick Thought” on your “Home” tab of your site and quickly share that thought with your family and friends.

This video shows you how to add, edit, or delete a “Quick Thought” on your site:

Who can add “Quick Thoughts”?
Site administrators and authors can add “Quick Thoughts”. Guests can see these thoughts but can not add them. Authors can edit their own thoughts but not those of other authors.

How many “Quick Thoughts” can I have?

Like messages on your Family Says site, you can have unlimited “Quick Thoughts.”

New and Improved Picture Uploader

August 22nd, 2009 by Joe

We’ve heard your feedback and have made some changes … for the better.

Your FamilySays site now has the capability to upload multiple photos at one time when adding pictures to your message. The new function replaces the previous single picture uploader.

How to Upload Pictures

To upload multiple pictures, click on the “Write” tab. Add the title for your message, the message, and choose where to file it.

On Step 4, you’ll notice that the gray Browse box has been replaced by a blue “Select Pictures to Upload” button. When you click it, a window opens that lets you to browse to the picture files to be accessed. Select all of the pictures you’d like to add to your message by pressing the “Ctrl” button (Windows users) or “Command” key (Mac users) while clicking on the desired pictures, and then select “Open.”

The pictures you selected will begin uploading to your message, and when the upload for that picture is completed, a thumbnail photo will appear to the left.

When all of your pictures are uploaded, you can add captions, delete photos, and reorder photos. Photos are reordered by simply clicking on the thumbnail of the picture to move, dragging while continuing to hold the mouse button down, and dropping in the new location.

This new picture uploader requires Javascript to be enabled and Flash to be installed and running on your computer.

If you have difficulties with this new function or simply prefer to upload your pictures one at a time, there is a link under the blue “Select Pictures to Upload” button that says “Try this alternative picture uploader.” Clicking that link will take you to the prior version where you can upload single pictures.

If you should note an excessively long upload time for your pictures, you may want to try uploading them in smaller batches (i.e., 10 at a time instead of 25).

Increased Storage Space

As an added courtesy to our FamilySays users, we have raised the storage space for your pictures. If you currently have a Basic Family Plan, your storage space is now 1 GB (up from 200 MB). If you currently use the Family Reunion Plan, your storage space is now 3 GB (up from 500MB). We hope this will give you the freedom to share the photos you want with your family and friends without worrying about running out of space.

Family Says Blog is Here!

April 24th, 2007 by Joe

Family Says is a private family website service that is extremely easy to use. Our family needed a website so we built our own! We’ve found it very useful and now our entire family uses it.

If you can send an email, you can create a website that your family can use to communicate and share your latest news, pictures, video, and more. It is just that easy.

While Family Says has been around for over a year now, we just recently set up our official blog. We’ll post our latest news, features, and thoughts here.

You can try Family Says for free for 30 days. Sign up today.