7 Essential Family Blogging Tips

Family blogs are a great way to share your latest family news and happenings with others. To make sure you get the most out of your family blog, keep these family blogging tips in mind:

1. Choose Your Audience

For whom are you writing your blog? For the grandparents? For friends?

Decide who you want to read your blog and write accordingly. Perhaps family will want to see videos and pictures. Remember to share the story and context of these pictures so people know what is happening.

2. Choose What to Share

Think about the highlights of your day or week with your family. These are the things that you should share on your family blog. If you document absolutely everything that is happening, you’ll get burned out.

3. Let People Know About Updates

Make sure you let people know when you’ve posted something new on your family blog.

You can manually email family and friends but this may be tedious. Look for a family blogging service that will send out automatic email notices sent to subscribers or provides a feed that people can use in their blog readers (like Google Reader).

4. Post Regularly

Your family blog is a wonderful way for others to see what is happening in your family. Keep your family and friends aware of what is happening in your life by posting to your blog regularly.

5. Encourage Comments

You can encourage people to comment on your family blog posts by asking questions. Questions will prompt others to answer. Additionally, you can share some amazing family pictures or video to spark conversation.

6. Write For You

Think of your family blog as a family journal. This is your chance to archive what is happening in your family. Write posts and share information that you’d like to know about when you look back a few years from now.

7. Have Fun

Posting to your family blog shouldn’t be a chore. Keep things fun by including funny anecdotes about your family, stories of a fun family trip, or a video that made you laugh.

By following these family blogging tips, you’ll be on your way to having an amazing family blog that your friends and family enjoy reading.

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